About Us

About Us

Using technology to solve real-world business problems is something that I always enjoyed doing.

What's compelling about developing software and analyzing data is the impact you can make to the bottom line in business. For several years before I started my own company, I was a programmer for businesses in the Manufacturing, Distribution, and Financial industries. To make a difference in business, you have to listen first. Collaboration plays a vital role in completely understanding the problem before offering a solution. Whether it's helping managers and sales reps monitor revenue levels, or building tools that help analysts accelerate buying decisions. In the key areas that matter, thats where my team and I strive to make a difference in every project we're involved in.

Not all challenges can be solved by one person. In those cases, you need a team thats working together to approach a problem from different angles, fully strategized and ready to build solutions that deliver value to clients. With this idea, I was able to start a technology consulting firm that could offer the benefits of our years of experience with a commitment to helping businesses just like yours.

I'd like to think of what we do as providing "Technology Pain Relief", with the added bonus of having a technology advisor to help you reach your business goals. -Daren Henry, DHC President

To see how we've helped other companies, take a look at our portfolio section, or to find out how we can help your business, please give us a call at 877-904-2634.

These are the areas we can help

  • Software Development
  • Database Programming
  • Data Analysis Services
  • Business Analyis Services
  • Technical Advice